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Social Culture of East Java Province

In general, the condition of religious life in East Java, according to the expectations of all parties, religious life marked by beauty and harmony between religious mutual respect in carrying out their respective religious teachings. The development of places of worship indicates that the splendor of life varied more stable so that the expected able to fortify all levels of society from the globalization that swept the world.

Number of existing local language as much as 6 languages, with a numbers of tribes by 5 tribes. The number of historic sites as many as 181 pieces scattered in various areas.

 Regional Profiles:

In the global era as now, tourism is a sector that is very promising if developed and managed properly and professionally. Moreover, East Java has a natural attractions, culture, and history. Nature tourism in East Java, among others : Telaga Sarangan, Mount Bromo Natioanl Park, Tengger, Mount Semeru, Alas Purwo and Baturetno in Malang, Etc.

Cultural tourism, among others: Panataran Temple, Jawi Temple, and Singosari Temple in Malang, Karapan Sapi Madura, traditional art Reog Ponorogo, and Ludruk.

Tour history, among others: tombs of the Wali like Sunan Ampel, Sunan Giri, Sunan Bonang, Sunan Mojoagung, Sunan Drajat, Bung Karno's grave, and the museum Empu Tantular.
Gallery Museum Mpu Tantular

Tombs of Bung Karno

Gallery Museum Mpu Tantular


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